1. Logical 5 Board Game 1.0.12

Logical 5 Board Game 1.0.12 by Emsa Systems Ltd
Windows | 121KB | Freeware | April 1, 2004
An addictive board game for 1 or 2 Players. Playing against computer is a real challenge! 2 player mode inclued. Freeware. Free!
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2. Bound Around 1.0

Bound Around 1.0 by K.Hofer
Windows | 2.26MB | Shareware | September 8, 2003
Your family has been kidnapped to Insect Land.Bounce through the desert, the snow land and all other places of this big land to save them.Over 160 levels full of action and creative puzzles await you in a world full of ladybugs and explosive apples.
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3. Frozen Fruits 1.2

Frozen Fruits 1.2 by K.Hofer
Windows | 920KB | Freeware | September 8, 2003
Join the hundred of thousands of people all over the world who have enjoyed this brilliant free game. Infiltrate the alien's 35 storage rooms, solve puzzles and outwit the guardians. Free!
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4. 2+ Block Buster 1.0

2+ Block Buster 1.0 by Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games
Windows | 1.48MB | Shareware | July 25, 2003
Highly addictive logical game. Click on group of similar blocks to bust them. Constantly new blocks are added at the bottom. Play up to 10 increasingly difficult levels. Three game modes. Several intriguing game pieces.
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5. Addicting Clicking 1.1

Addicting Clicking 1.1 by RealApex
Windows | 2MB | Shareware | May 17, 2007
Addicting Clicking is a game that help you to improve your logical minding, memory and attentiveness. This game is not only a pleasing way of leisure but it is your friend in your development.
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6. Logical Crossroads 1.52

Logical Crossroads 1.52 by Vitaliy Levchenko
Windows | 522KB | Freeware | November 8, 2010
Set of logical games. Includes Free Renju ( a variation of the well known Japanese board game), Bulls and Cows (guessing a number), Hanoi Tower (moving bricks). Free!
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7. Magical Ball 1.0.2

Magical Ball 1.0.2 by Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games
Windows | 1.65MB | Shareware | December 29, 2003
Arrange same color balls in a line by moving one ball at a time. When 4 or more balls are arranged in a line those balls disappear and your score will increase. There are few double color and multi color balls make it more interesting.
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8. FlexHEX 2.6

FlexHEX 2.6 by Inv Softworks LLC
Windows | 3.01MB | Shareware | September 16, 2008
Advanced hex editor makes binary editing easy and straightforward. Supports huge files, logical disks, and physical drives. Easy-to-use and powerful, it provides many unique features making hex editing a breeze. Beginner's tutorial included.
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9. Magic Balls 3.6

Magic Balls 3.6 by Agentix Software
Windows | 874KB | Shareware | January 25, 2009
Magic Balls is a new brain-teaser for all puzzle lovers. Your objective is to swap the balls to line up three of the same color. They explode, you score. The gameplay may seem simple at first, but in a couple of minutes it becomes very addictive.
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10. 15 Classic Slide Puzzle 2.9

15 Classic Slide Puzzle 2.9 by Play Shot
Windows | 587KB | Freeware | June 2, 2008
15 slide puzzle is freeware recalling the popular game. The puzzle consists of a box with 15 numbered tiles that can be slid around to be arranged from 1 to 15.There is the option of turning on simple sound effects and using different color schemes. Free!
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